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Why Hire a Criminal Law Specialist

State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist

Why Hire a Criminal Law Specialist

When facing criminal charges, you must navigate the legal landscape. Hiring a defense lawyer for guidance is crucial. And while you have numerous attorneys to choose from, only a few of them might be Criminal Law Specialists. This esteemed title, bestowed by the State Bar, designates an attorney proficient in criminal law. Such specialists possess a comprehensive understanding of the overall legal picture, enabling them to grasp intricate details and devise effective defense strategies.

State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialists stand out for their ability to assess cases holistically. They don't merely focus on individual charges but consider the broader implications and potential legal nuances. This awareness allows them to tailor defense strategies that address the unique circumstances of each case.

The Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia takes pride in being at the forefront of criminal defense proficiency. I, Attorney Joe Bisbiglia, am a distinguished State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist with over two decades of legal experience. With a track record that includes defending clients in more than 50 jury trials, I embody a commitment to excellence.

Having served thousands of individuals involved in criminal matters, I understand the gravity of each case and approach it with the diligence it deserves. I am dedicated to providing unwavering support and robust defense strategies, seeking favorable outcomes for my clients. 

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What Is a State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist?

A Certified Criminal Law Specialist is an attorney distinguished by the California State Bar for their exceptional proficiency in criminal law. To earn this esteemed title, attorneys must undergo a rigorous process, including passing a comprehensive criminal law written exam. What sets these specialists apart is theoretical knowledge and a high level of hands-on experience in the field. They are committed to staying abreast of evolving legal standards, demonstrated through completing continuing education requirements.

The significance of this certification goes beyond academic achievement. Certified Criminal Law Specialists receive favorable reviews from clients and their peers—other attorneys and judges with firsthand knowledge of the lawyer's work. This holistic evaluation ensures that those with this certification possess a well-rounded understanding of criminal law and a proven ability to navigate its complexities.

Significance of the Certification in Criminal Defense

The certification as a Criminal Law Specialist symbolizes a commitment to providing unparalleled defense. Specialists with deep insights into criminal law can fully advise clients about their cases. From the initial consultation to the resolution of the legal matter, they handle each case comprehensively.

Certified Criminal Law Specialists stand as pillars of defense, providing vigorous representation at all stages of the legal process. They understand the intricacies of criminal law and are adept at crafting strategic defenses tailored to each client's unique situation. This ability allows clients to receive dedicated advocacy from beginning to end.

Certified Criminal Law Specialists bring a wealth of experience beyond textbook knowledge. They know what to expect in various legal scenarios, having handled diverse cases throughout their careers. This experience equips specialists with the ability to research past legal precedents comprehensively and apply the law strategically. Knowing how to interpret and leverage past cases enhances their effectiveness in crafting robust defense strategies. 

Clients benefit from the seasoned judgment of attorneys who have faced many legal challenges, contributing to a well-informed and proactive approach to their defense. Certified Criminal Law Specialists understand that no two cases are identical, so cookie-cutter strategies fall short. By tailoring defense approaches, specialists can address specific legal nuances that may significantly impact the case.

Hiring a Criminal Law Specialist Is Beneficial

When hiring The Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia, you choose a legal team that exceeds the standard. As a practitioner who has demonstrated proficiency through rigorous examinations, I offer legal insight beyond conventional representation. I empower my clients’ defenses with a personalized touch and unwavering commitment to pursuing optimal results. 

If you’re facing criminal charges in Santa Rosa, schedule a free consultation with me by calling (707) 659-0901.

Have Questions?

Criminal Defense FAQ
  • I am innocent—do I still need a criminal defense attorney?
    Yes! If you have been arrested there is a chance you may be convicted, even if you truly did nothing wrong. Having a Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney from The Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia on your side can aggressively fight to protect you from false charges. An experienced attorney can make all the difference when standing up for you so your choice of representation is a very important one.
  • What is the difference between probation and parole?
    Parole takes place after a person has spent time in prison, whereas probation may be used as an actual alternative criminal sentence. Parole is usually used to monitor a person who has been released from jail. Probation is a criminal sentence for those convicted of lesser offenses.
  • How does the prosecution determine the charges I will face?
    The prosecution will look to convict you on charges they feel have sufficient evidence for a conviction. A case will typically be dropped if the prosecution feels that there is not enough evidence to reach a conviction. What constitutes enough evidence to the prosecutor is up to their discretion.
  • What is a grand jury?
    Grand juries are made up of individuals used to determine if enough evidence exists in order to take a case to trial. A grand jury will use witness testimony, documentation, and other evidence in reaching its determination. The grand jury will decide whether the case will go to trial in the end.
  • Will I be arrested for refusing to give police a statement?
    Exercising you right to silence cannot be used against you. You are protected from testifying against yourself by the Fifth Amendment. If a police officer is trying to intimidate you into giving a statement, get in touch with a criminal defense attorney immediately.


Read What My Clients Have Said About My Counsel
    “It felt like we had an advocate on our side and that support made all the difference.”

    When my son was unexpectedly arrested this year, I was fortunate to receive a recommendation to Mr. Bisbiglia. He readily agreed to meet my son, listen to his story, and represent him. Mr. Bisbiglia was professional in every encounter throughout the process, whether in his office or in the courtroom. He was conscious of the sensitivity of the subject matter and carefully weighed decisions based on his knowledge of the criminal justice system in conjunction with my son’s state of being. His expertise was invaluable. Mr. Bisbiglia’s poise in the court room comes from years of experience, knowledge, and rapport with parties involved. He helped us navigate what was a foreign process to us. I was especially impressed by the compassion he showed towards my son, treating him with dignity and respect. It felt like we had an advocate on our side and that support made all the difference. Mr. Bisbiglia was communicative and clearly committed to the best possible outcome for my son’s future. I would highly recommend him as a qualified, dedicated, and caring criminal defense attorney.

    “I highly recommend the Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia to any persons looking for a confident defense attorney.”
    “He is genuine and passionate about what he does and if you visit his official website you’ll see there’s a reason why he chose the profession he’s in. During my case, he was forthcoming and open about my options and made sure I was aware ”
    - Gilbert S.
    “Mr. Joe Bisbiglia is an outstanding professional.”
    “From the moment I contacted his office, I received timely, courteous and personal replies concerning every aspect of my DUI case. I was made to feel like a unique individual, not a faceless entity or case number.”
    - Joanna M.
    “I would recommend him to anyone if you are unfortunate to get a DUI.”
    “I got DUI in Santa Rosa and was recommended to use Joe. He gave a Flat fee of 2000 which was awesome compared to other lawyers who said a variable between 3500-5000.”
    - Rebecca K.
    “I have to shout to the world how grateful me and my family are to Joe Bisbiglia.”
    “Feeling hopeless and lost, Joe brought comfort for me and my family throughout our process of our business relationship. He kept us informed and was a beyond exemplary. Joe really knows his craft and also has a heart to boot.”
    - Gwenell S.
    “Mr. Bisbiglia is by far the best defense lawyer to work with in Sonoma County.”
    “His professionalism in representing me in my own personal case helped me during a time of turmoil and confusion. He truly cares about what he does and was dedicated to making sure any and all questions I had were answered in a timely manner.”
    - Ishii A.
    “BEST DEFENSE Lawyer in Sonoma county!!”
    “Joe works miracles literally my fiancé was for sure on his way to prison and he got him out of a prison twice!”
    - Ashley O.
    “His number one concern was that I was okay.”
    “I can’t express how grateful I am for Joe and his knowledge on domestic violence cases and restraining orders. Joe was always free to discuss any matters of the case I needed, and didn’t nickel and dime me through the process.”
    - Ashlee D.