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Our Santa Rosa DUI Attorneys Explain How DUI Tests Can Be Exaggerated

Blogs from September, 2018


When you are stopped for a DUI offense, you may find that you face the loss of your license, a significant fine, or even jail time. It can add stress to your day-to-day life and may prevent you from achieving freedom for the foreseeable future. It’s important you speak with Santa Rosa DUI attorneys as soon as possible. Our team at the Law Offices of Joe Bisbiglia has great experience in the legal field and within this post, we’ll explain a little more about how DUI tests can be exaggerated.

Factors that can influence a DUI test result

Beyond alcohol, there are a number of factors that can directly impact the results a person will achieve within their DUI test. These factors include:

  • Body temperature

DUI tests are carried out under the misapprehension that each person being tested has the average body temperature of 98.6°F. But some have a higher body temperature, either due to a virus or other change in their system. This can cause the BAC (Blood/Alcohol Content) to read higher than normal. This could make a person’s intoxication seem greater than the actual level.

  • Medication

Another factor influencing DUI results is any medication the person being tested has taken recently. Compounds with a high methyl content, for example, are known to cause significant problems within DUI tests. This has been correlated with diabetics generally recording higher on BAC tests than non-diabetics, as those with diabetes must take methyl-based medication to manage their symptoms.

  • Acid reflux

Those with acid reflux are prone to belching often also read higher on BAC tests. A person with stomach issues will process alcohol a lot slower than those without stomach problems, and this may cause higher reading for a prolonged period of time after the alcohol has been consumed. It’s the reason that’s it’s so important to contact Santa Rosa DUI attorneys if you suspect a false BAC reading in your DUI case.

Our team at The Law Offices of Joseph Bisbiglia has decades of experience as qualified Santa Rosa DUI attorneys. And we can help you handle your case from day one. To learn more, call us today.

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