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Is It Worth Getting a DUI Lawyer?

Blogs from May, 2019


Driving under the influence is one of the most serious criminal offenses in America, as per the DUI attorney in Santa Rosa, CA. A person who is guilty of the first and second-time DUI offenses is charged with misdemeanor. Meanwhile, the third DUI can result in a felony charge as per the laws of that particular state.

Many people tend to take these charges for granted, and decide to handle the conviction on their own. If you are a novice in the field of law, this decision can cost you high. The endless courtroom trials and convictions can actually take a toll on your personal and professional life. Let us understand how is it worth hiring a DUI lawyer:


An experienced DUI lawyer knows the in and out of such cases. They have a clear understanding of the various laws and their clauses. They also know exactly how to represent a strong DUI case in the court of law. Hiring an experienced lawyer can ensure much better results and consequences.

Better Negotiation Skills

A seasoned lawyer has a better understanding of the courtroom scenario, and showcases best negotiation skills. They can even help you in an out-of-court settlement with lesser penalties and punishment.

They know all the tricks and tips to dismiss the claims of the prosecutor, and help their clients in getting a clean settlement. Considering this aspect, it is definitely worth hiring an experienced lawyer for your DUI case.

Prevent License Suspension

Most of the states instantly suspend the driving license of the people convicted under DUI cases. They are given a time period of 10 days to fight their case in the Administrative License Review hearing. Hiring a reputed lawyer can enhance your chances of getting back your license. They have strong networks and legal skills that can help in getting back your license in a single hearing.

To Win the Case

An experienced lawyer is well acquainted with the criminal law, and knows well how to settle the case in favor of his client. He is the best person to trust on at this moment. He knows exactly when to take the case in the trials, and the best chances of winning the case.

These points validate the need of hiring a DUI lawyer, and settle the case with minimum penalties and punishment. Get in touch with Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia at (707) 659-0901 for more details.

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