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When Do You Need to Hire an Attorney for Overcoming DUI Charges?

Blogs from January, 2019


Drinking may give you pleasure but intoxicated driving can ruin your peace of mind. Driving under the influence of alcohol can be risky for you and others as well to the extent that it may bring you pleading at the doors of courts for a long-term legal battle. It is advisable to hire DUI attorney in Santa Rosa, CA as it is a serious legal charge which only an expert can successfully fight through. Most people represent their own cases for such legal charges which, at times, can be risk-taking in terms of winning the case. Hiring an attorney gives strong support in favor of the case, for the following scenarios:

Not your first case of DUI charges 

If you had been previously arrested under DUI charges, you must consider hiring a DUI attorney in Santa Rosa, CA. Only a professional attorney can help you find a way to deal with these serious charges.

If someone is killed or injured –

While driving, if your vehicle hits someone leaving the person either injured or dead, it is sometimes advised to plead guilty if you agree. The only condition doing so is to get the punishment reduced for the DUI charges.

If you are not guilty –

If you think you are not at fault, your attorney can find ways to prove you innocent or reducing the DUI charges on reckless driving. If your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test is close to the legal limit, it can be pointed out that the breath analyzer was incorrect in measuring the alcohol content. Your attorney can also reduce your DUI charges to ‘wet reckless driving’ if it can be proved that the alcohol content was absolutely within the limit. Punishment for wet reckless driving does not include jail time, but a heavy fine, license suspension, and long DUI attendance.

This may also affect your car insurance for which wet reckless driving is equivalent to a DUI arrest. However, you may have to compensate for the charge.

if you are a commercial driver –

It is important for any commercial driver to be free from any legal charges, and to protect his license from getting suspended. The legal know-how of the attorney may save you from such aftermath of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Hiring a professional DUI attorney in Santa Rosa, CA can go a long way to make the case in your favor. However, with companies like Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia, you can relax while the attorney does your work. To schedule a consultation, call us now at (707) 659-0901.

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