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Set of Standards Defined for a DUI Attorney

Blogs from February, 2019


Heard about the DUI law? Driving under the influence is a serious offense in most of the countries. Another name of DUI is DWI, i.e., driving while intoxicated. There are some very strict regulations for the people who are caught under this offense. When caught under this offense, the law enforcement officer might do a test for field sobriety in case of a slurred speech. They can also go ahead and demand a blood alcohol test in case the driver fails to display good motor or judgment skills.

If the percentage of alcohol in the blood is over the legal limit, the driver can be arrested under the DUI regulations. Being caught under DUI regulations can have severe consequences. A DUI attorney or lawyer can help you in this situation. There are many highly qualified professionals who can handle all the formalities from beginning to end.

What Can a DUI Attorney Do?

Let’s have a look at the functions performed by a DUI attorney to help their clients.

Consultation – The DUI attorney in Santa Rosa, CA will help you in understanding the possible consequences of a DUI case. You might face revocation or permanent suspension of driving license, penalties or even imprisonment for irresponsible driving.

Convince – An experienced DUI attorney will try to convince the Court to be lenient and lower the charges. They will also make efforts to reduce the charges of their defendant. The lawyer can also challenge and raise questions on the blood alcohol test reports.

Clarify the Legal Issues – The DUI attorney will also help you in understanding the next course of action and possible events to be held within the next few months. For instance, he or she will explain the kind of sentences given to the first timers versus habitual offenders.

Manage the Dates – An experienced DUI lawyer will manage all the legal proceedings effectively without any disrespect of court. There can be several hearings from the Department of Motor Vehicles to County or State Court. The DUI lawyer will be present to defend you on all the hearings.

You must acknowledge your duties and responsibilities as an educated citizen of the country. In case you are charged with DUI offense, do some research before hiring a DUI lawyer. The attorney who has a reputable track record is the best option. We serve you with a professional team of highly qualified and experienced DUI lawyers. To book an appointment today, call us at (707) 659-0901.

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