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Civil Rights Lawyer in Sonoma County – Fighting for the Justice You Deserve

Blogs from June, 2019


For how long have you been looking for a civil rights lawyer in Sonoma County? If this has been worrying you for a long time, you don’t have to worry anymore now! There are a few things you must consider before you start finding one. It’s well known that the Constitution of America has granted to all its citizens some sets of civil rights. These rights and liberties should be taken seriously.

However, there are instances when these legal rights are often neglected, or to be precise, taken for granted by most people. What happens is that most citizens aren’t aware of the importance of such laws. It is the duty of the citizens to maintain such rights; and when the time comes, no one should back off from protecting and restoring them. If you think that your civil rights are violated, consider consulting an experienced civil rights attorney in Sonoma County.

How to Detect If Your Civil Rights are Violated?

In most cases, several civil rights claims result from violation of an individual’s rights, and leverage taken by a private entity or a government body. Often, such violations might include wrongful seizure and implementation of an excessive force by police officers. More often than not, we come across several news stories that claim that the freedom of speech of an individual has been violated.

Many cases of discrimination, based on race, age, gender, disability, etc.also come to notice. These all are instances of violation of individual constitutional rights. However, examples of civil rights violation are not restricted to the above-listed scenarios. There are more instances of the same; often noticed across different segments of the present-day society.

Importance of Civil Rights

Those who are aware of the Great American History must be aware of the fight put forward by the former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. His entire war was to restore faith in civil laws. His values included maintaining the civil rights of citizens of the country. Since then, the civil rights started gaining more attention than they did before.

It must be remembered by all classes of people that civil rights are the foundation and strength of every American citizen. We should all focus on the protection of such laws. In fact, the protection of one individual is equivalent to the protection of the entire nation. There are numerous civil rights lawyers that work for restoring the freedom of speech, religion, assembly, life, liberty, and property.

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