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Lawyer for Excessive Force & Police Abuse in Santa Rosa Sonoma County

Blogs from June, 2019


When should you start looking for a lawyer for excessive force in Sonoma County? Well, the answer lies in the question itself. The U.S. Constitution, along with the state and federal laws, is responsible for governing the conduct of police officers. It ensures, by law enforcement, that each citizen is gifted with the right to fair treatment.

However, at times, it is seen that some police officers don’t bide by the rules, and behave recklessly with people. The usage of excessive force is also common in many parts of society. To keep a restriction on such situations, an excessive force lawyer can prove to be beneficial for you.

Abuse by Law Enforcement Representatives

Before starting our discussion on the topic, it’s important to know what falls under excessive force. There are instances when police officers or other law enforcement officers have used unlawful practices to carry out their investigations. This might often include the illegal searching of your property without producing an appropriate search warrant. They are also known to arrest someone without any evidence.

Racial profiling, and not providing adequate medical attention while in custody are also common types of police abuse that American citizens often complain about. In these circumstances, it is imperative that you understand your rights. Protecting your legal rights should be the next thing in your priority list.

What Can Be Done?

It’s worth noting that no individual can ignore the consequences of breaking the law. What’s more important is that even police officers who think of themselves as above the law are not exceptions. Criminal cases can be filed against them when and wherever necessary. All you need is the help of a right attorney or a law firm that is well-experienced in handling such matters.

If the abusive behavior of any police officer has resulted in causing you an injury, you can successfully seek compensation from the person at the court. But when should you go ahead and lodge a complaint?

Well, consider discussing the matter with an experienced attorney to ensure you are on the right track. In that matter, you should look for the experience your lawyer has gained over the years. Also, be aware of the reputation he holds in the industry.

Your search for the perfect lawyer capable of fighting police abuse cases is over, as Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia is here to assist you in the most complex situations. Consider calling Joe at (707) 659-0901 for a phone consultation or to schedule an appointment. Your fight against police crime starts here!

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