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Our Attorney Explains Three Possible Strategies for Responding to a DUI in Santa Rosa

Blogs from April, 2018


You’ve been charged with a DUI offense. The possible penalties include significant jail time and a heavy fine depending on the particulars of your case. It’s now time to take a proactive stance in response to your DUI charge. Speaking with a DUI attorney in Santa Rosa is the best way to begin defending your case. In this latest post, our attorney, Joe Bisbiglia explains three possible strategies for pleading not guilty in a DUI case.

The Test was Inaccurate

This is a response that many defendants have successfully used in their cases for DUI offenses. There are three types of test that are admissible as evidence in a DUI case: a breathalyzer, a roadside sobriety test, and a blood test. Each of these tests can be challenged on a legal basis. For example, your DUI attorney in Santa Rosa can claim that the police officer overseeing the roadside test didn’t have the proper credentials or training. They might also claim that the lab processing your blood made mistakes within the testing process.

There was Another Explanation for Your Actions

In cases where a police officer has charged you with DUI as a result of a roadside sobriety test, there may be other reasons why you failed the test. For example, you might have been overly tired. You may have taken medication that allows you to drive but can cause drowsiness. Or you might be suffering from an illness. Each of these instances may result in your failing a roadside test, but not being guilty of a DUI offense.

The Officer Misinformed You of Your Rights

In some cases, a charge of DUI has been thrown out by the courts because the officer in charge of the investigation misinformed the defendant. For example, some have been told that they MUST submit a blood test, but no such law exists commanding them to do so. In this type case, the evidence submitting is thrown out and then the judge will more than likely render a not guilty verdict.

Having a skilled DUI attorney alongside you in your Santa Rosa courtroom can give you the best chance of defending your case successfully. Call our team at the Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia today to book a consultation.

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