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When Is It Time to Call a Santa Rosa Criminal Defense Attorney?

Blogs from April, 2018


In most cases, when you find that you’re considering whether you should call a Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney, the answer is that you should. But it’s important to know the process for criminal charges and how to react when this occurs. We’ll explain more about when and why you should call a Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney.

Before you are charged In many cases, the police will contact you during an investigation if they wish to gain more information from you about a specific case. This indicates that you are involved in some way with an ongoing investigation. Remember: you have no obligation to speak with the police and your lack of comment on the case cannot be used against you in an upcoming trial. If you’ve been contacted about a case and asked about your involvement, you should consider retaining a Santa Rosa criminal attorney who can help you defend your rights. Where favorable evidence exists, your attorney will use the evidence to protect you against further charges.

When you are charged

If you are charged with a crime, it’s critical you contact a Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney at the earliest convenience. You may not know you’re being investigated until the charge is placed against you by law enforcement. And so at this time, you should call a local attorney and begin gaining their advice for the remaining parts of the legal process. At this stage, the attorney can assist you in securing your bail or in securing your release.

If you suspect an investigation

While there are cases in which it’s clear you’re under investigation and you require guidance from a professional, it might not always be clear. Make sure you pay close attention to actions of those around you. If you suspect they are involved in criminal behavior and you have been impacted, you may decide to consult with a Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney to gain more information.

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