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An Expert Santa Rosa DUI Attorney Explains False Readings

Blogs from June, 2018


In many cases, clients of ours have discovered that their DUI reading was false. That’s why we work tirelessly to examine the reading conditions and the elements that may cause a false positive. In this latest post, you’ll learn more about false DUI readings from a leading Santa Rosa DUI attorney.

How false readings occur

While the latest DUI testing tools are increasing in accuracy, they are still not completely without failure. One of the more common issues with the newest DUI testing systems is they are designed to go by the assumption that breath comes from the lungs. This is not always true. When you blow into a breathalyzer, some of the air is coming directly from the mouth. This is an issue because even small amounts of alcohol in your throat or mouth can significantly magnify the machine’s perceived calculation of BAC.

We know that alcohol stays in your mouth and throat for up to 20 minutes after consumption. And so if you’re traveling directly after having consumed one or two beverages at a local bar, you’re likely going to find that some alcohol remains in your throat should you be breathalyzed. If you suspect this is true in your case, you must consult with a Santa Rosa DUI attorney.

Mouthwash causing high readings in some cases

We’ve also seen cases in which our clients have blown a high BAC using a breathalyzer without consuming any alcohol. Some of these readings are caused by the use of mouthwash, which can contain trace amounts of alcohol and is designed to remain in your throat and mouth over a period of several hours.

Faulty machinery another leading cause

As with any form of technology, a breathalyzer is not a foolproof product. Some systems have been shown to have significant engineering issues, from false readings in low and high temperatures to faulty performance when used over a period of several years.

It’s important to speak with a Santa Rosa DUI attorney if you suspect your DUI has been caused by a false reading. Call today if you’ve been charged with DUI, and speak with our experts.

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