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Ask a Santa Rosa, CA Lawyer: Can I Lose My Job Over a DUI?

Blogs from June, 2018


One might assume that losing your license and possibly facing a jail sentence is the most severe of the consequences you can face if you are charged with a DUI. But many have also found that they can lose their job as a result of their driving offense. Our team at Bisbiglia Law has guided many clients in this particular scenario, and in this latest post a trusted Santa Rosa, CA lawyer will review the potential ramifications of a DUI.

The law provides protection

In cases where you have been charged with a crime but not convicted, the law does provide you with some level of protection. For example, California Labor Code Section 432.7 prevents any employer from terminating a working contract based on any arrests that do not result in a conviction. Employers might still ask employees about an arrest when the employee is out on bail or awaiting trial.

If you’re convicted, you may be liable to lose your job

A company has a legal right to discipline an employee if the employee is charged with a crime. And the law allows this discipline to be utilized after the conviction has been finalized. This means that if you’re convicted of a DUI offense, you can lose your job and you have few protections under the law.

Employers cannot ask about dismissed convictions and arrests

In many cases, our clients have been asked about their arrests by an employer, who has then gone on to hire someone else for the role. This is illegal and there may be some legal recourse available to you if you have experienced questions about your arrest record during a hiring process.

Hire a Santa Rosa, CA DUI lawyer immediately

If you have been arrested for a DUI offense, it’s important that you hire a Santa Rosa, CA lawyer immediately. The lawyer can guide you regarding your legal options and protect you against potential further penalties.

Our team at Bisbiglia Law is here to help in your case. To learn more, call us today.

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