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Reasons Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

Blogs from November, 2018


If proved in a court of law – ‘criminal charges’ can open up a pandora’s box of troubles for the accused. Due to this, a person’s world is impacted negatively to a significant extent. Conviction in a criminal case can put a person in a bad situation and they may end up losing everything including their hard earned money, family, and reputation. To increase the chances of safe escape, the defendant needs a capable and experienced Santa Rosa lawyer; an expert who can present their case in the best possible way. At The Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia, we have secured an acquittal for numerous clients. Joe knows criminal law like the back of his hand and can help ease stress by lending support at every stage as your case moves through the court system. You must hire a Santa Rosa, CA lawyer if you are facing criminal charges. Throughout this post, we have shared some reasons for hiring a criminal defense attorney.

1. They are Subject Matter Experts: You don’t trust a self-proclaimed health expert for your health concerns, so why consult an amateur when you face criminal charges. Criminal law is a complex jungle of clauses. Only a knowledgeable and experienced expert can navigate through this process. Your defense attorney will study your case to determine your plea, bargain options, analyze evidence, and best available defenses to prepare a strong case.

2. An Attorney Can Help to Save Time and Money: Many people think that hiring a defense attorney can cost them a fortune. However, what they forget is that their attorney can help them in more than one way. For instance, a professional can help to prepare, file, and maintain necessary papers, thereby, saving their clients from the burden of doing everything themselves.

3. A Criminal Law Expert Can Comb Through Evidence More Effectively: The evidence is the foundation of a sound defense strategy. An experienced attorney knows the importance of presenting relevant evidence to secure an acquittal for their client. Like a true detective, a criminal law attorney follows different methods to collect and analyze evidence. Most experts have extensive links that can help them gather evidence. An attorney can also, identify evidence acquired through unlawful means.

4. An Attorney Can Negotiate on their Client’s Behalf: An attorney can secure a favorable deal for their client. Well-connected professionals can help the client to get justice without even stepping into the court. An attorney can plead guilty in exchange of a reduced sentence. Attorneys work closely with court clerks and judges and play an important role in expediting the proceedings, thereby, helping to save time and money.

Call The Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia to Connect with an Experienced Attorney If you or your loved one is facing a criminal charge then, you can get all the help you need. At Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia, we try our best to help our clients combat stress and anxiety during different stages of their case. To discuss your case, call us at (707) 659-0901 or book a consultation session by filling out our contact form.

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