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What Happens If You Are Arrested for a DUI?

Blogs from November, 2018


There’s a common saying, “Don’t drink and drive.” Unfortunately, many people don’t understand this in time. They realize the importance of this only after encountering a DUI charge. If you or your loved one is facing DUI charges then, you’ll need to hire a Santa Rosa attorney to resolve your concern. For 15years, Joseph Bisbiglia has been handling numerous DUI cases successfully. More than just a DUI attorney in Santa Rosa, CA, Joe Bisbiglia is a clients’ best friend and supports them firmly during tough times.

A drunk driver on the road is like a loose cannon. Additionally, the complex and harrowing legal proceedings after a person arrested for DUI charges are not worth it. To help you understand the repercussions of a DUI in a better way, let’s take a look at the chain of events a DUI arrest can trigger.

1. The Person Will be Given a Court Date

Once, the police arrests the driver in a DUI case, then a summon is issued to him/her for appearing in the court. During the hearing, the law enforcement authorities will present evidence such as video grab from the dashboard camera of the officer who apprehended the accused. An accused person can plead ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’.

2.  The Accused’s License Will be Suspended

Even if it’s the first time, DUI offenders face the risk of losing driving privileges for a certain period. In some states, a hardship license issued to the accused person allows him/her to drive to school or work. In some states, a suspect’s refusal to take necessary tests, when apprehended by a law enforcement officer can result in the suspension of the person’s driving license immediately.

3. The Offender Will be Asked to Pay Fines

Once convicted, the offender has to pay fines for covering court costs. The amount of fine varies for different states. While deciding the quantum of fine, authorities refer to the state laws and also consider other circumstances. If, for instance, the accuser’s actions result in property damage or endanger a child then, the judge can increase the amount of fine.

4. The Person Will be Sent to Jail

Considering, the rise in the number of DUI cases, many states now require first time offenders to serve a jail sentence (usually not more than a couple of days). For repeat offenders, serving time in jail is mandatory. In many states, the judge may require a first-time offender to complete probation.

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A DUI conviction can dent a person’s reputation and may result in financial losses. Being accused of a DUI is not the end of world. A Santa Rosa attorney can help you to get out of the mess, thereby enabling you to stay steer clear of legal hassles. At The Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia, we perform this. Equipped with extensive experience of handling complex DUI cases, Joe Bisbiglia stands firm between his clients and conviction. Call us at (707) 659-0901 to consult our experts or fill out our contact form and an expert will get back to you to discuss your case.

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