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Reasons Why You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Blogs from April, 2019


If you have been watching some Hollywood movies lately, you must be aware of the situations where a police officer comes out of nowhere in the middle of the night. He starts his conversation gently, only to show off his identity card. Moments later, he reveals his intention of visiting you. He wants to arrest you!

Well, you might be thinking that such incidents happen only on the silver screen and your favorite Netflix crime series. Well, often, real life is inspired by true incidents. If you are involved in a crime or have been accused of committing the same, these cops are most probably on their way.

Do You Need an Attorney?

When incidents similar to the one mentioned above happens, what should be done? At midnight, there is hardly any attorney available on the scene to save you. This is one of the most important reasons why you should have a criminal defense attorney in your contact list.

It is imperative to have contact details of someone you can rely upon during times of need. It is better to start off early than to repent later. Therefore, after completing reading this article, go ahead, and make some phone calls to some of the major legal firms in your area that deals in criminal defense attorney in Santa Rosa.

Attorneys Help You 24X7

No matter the time of the day or intensity of the situation, the moment you get arrested, such an attorney would drive fast, and reach the police station to rescue you. Thankfully, the police allow the defendants to make phone calls to their attorneys. However, this is only allowed when you already have an attorney. If you do not have any relevant contacts, the police won’t allow you to roam around the town in search of legal help. You surely wouldn’t want this to happen. Similarly, you would not want any unknown person to fight your case. Your future and welfare depend on your legal record, and this is something you cannot risk. In most cases, your personal attorney would be someone you can trust and have confidence in.

Credible Legal Assistance

The duty of a criminal defense attorney is to explain to you all the legal rights that you possess, even if you are currently in police custody. Given the fact that most citizens have zero knowledge about legal proceedings, it is easy for a police officer to harass the accused even if the latter is not guilty. With the right attorney by your side, such an event is unlikely to haunt you.

If you already don’t know a reliable attorney, contact the Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia.

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