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Should You Get an Attorney for a DUI?

Blogs from May, 2019


Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense in the U.S. and when convicted, should be taken seriously. You need to hire the best Santa Rosa attorneys in order to settle the case with minimum punishment and penalties. After all, DUI is one of the most common causes of road accidents and crashes.

Why Do You Need a DUI Attorney?

Many states consider an initial DUI as a misdemeanor, while some don’t. An experienced attorney would be the best person to help you in understanding the intensity of your misdemeanor. Let’s understand why you should hire an attorney to handle your DUI case:

1. To understand the case – Many times, a DUI case can get complicated with the involvement of another human being or property in it. A highly qualified and experienced attorney knows exactly how to go about it.

2. Good Deal – Hiring an attorney can prove to be a cost-effective deal for you in the long run. They are well versed with the courtroom proceedings and documentation procedure. They can help you in preventing inevitable delays and expenses.

3. Minimize Court Time – DUI cases can get tricky and stressful at times. Meanwhile, hiring an efficient attorney who understands the intricacies of such cases can help you by reducing your overall courtroom time.

4. Lessen the Punishment – If you choose to fight your own DUI case, you might succeed in settling the case in your favor. But majorly, you end up paying higher penalties and fines. Hiring a good attorney can ensure you lesser punishment and fines.

5. Get Your License Back – One of the probable consequences of a DUI charge is revocation or suspension of driving license. A good attorney will not only reduce your penalties and punishments but can also help you in getting your license back. He or she can smartly represent your case, and can persuade the motor authorities in returning back your license.

6. Know Your Options – If you think that penalties, punishments, and jail time are the only consequences of a DUI conviction, you are highly mistaken! You should go for an experienced attorney to understand the extent of options available for you at that particular point of time.

DUI is a criminal offense in almost every state, and is dealt with in an official criminal court. Going for the proceedings without an expert attorney can cost you high, and you might end up with more punishment than deserved. Get in touch with Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia at (707) 659-0901 to get some expert advice.

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