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Encountered a DUI Conviction? Call a DUI Attorney to Get Your License Back

Blogs from March, 2019


Conviction in a DUI case can open up many issues. Court comes down heavily on DUI offenders, often suspending their licenses for a particular amount of time (as prescribed by the state laws). A consultation with an experienced DUI attorney in Santa Rosa can help to deal with such troubles easily. Skilled DUI attorneys understand DUI laws like the back of their hand. An experienced expert apart from helping to avoid conviction, they can help to get the client’s license reinstated. After hiring a DUI attorney in Santa Rosa, the driver needs to follow the below steps to get their license back.

1. Complete Court Requirements

When awarding a penalty in a DUI case, judges consider various factors such as the intoxication level of the driver, the severity of the offense. While first-time offenders are generally asked to do community service for a few months, however, offenders who repeat mistakes may have to go to jail. Additionally, the person would be asked to enroll and attend a DUI program. To get their license back, the driver must fulfill these requirements. After completing the DUI program, the driver must submit the Notice of Completion Certificate provided by the program manager.

2. Get and Submit Proof of Insurance

To get their license back, the driver needs to submit the SR-22 proof of insurance, a vehicle liability insurance document issued by insurers in case of high-risk drivers. Many insurers have a policy that says not to cover high-risk drivers. If this is the case then, the driver needs to look around. They may also have to issue a self-insurer certificate under CVC or obtain a surety bond. Additionally, the driver must be ready to pay a hefty sum, as many carriers charge a higher than normal premium to cover high-risk drivers.

3. Pay the Required Fines and Fees

The final step involves paying court fees, reinstatement fees, and any other fees as directed by the court. The final amount that the driver would be asked to pay depends on a number of factors such as whether the act has happened for the first time or he/she is a repeat offender. In case a person was seriously injured, the penalty amount can be higher.

There is a simple rule to avoid DUI conviction, never mix drinking and driving. To discuss your DUI case, call us at (707) 659-0901. To book your appointment, fill our contact form.

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