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A Guide to Working with Your Santa Rosa, CA, Lawyer After a Motorcycle Accident

Blogs from May, 2018


When you’re injured in a motorcycle accident, you’re likely wondering how best to approach your recovery while pursuing a legal claim against the other parties involved. Our legal team at the Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia has great experience team in this area of the law, and within our new post, we’re presenting a guide to working with your Santa Rosa, CA, lawyer after a motorcycle accident.

Contacting the lawyer

The first step in the process is contacting the Santa Rosa, CA, lawyer to discuss your case. The lawyer can help you plan your case and make sure that you don’t take any steps that might reduce your compensation. A lawyer can help you in getting your motorcycle repaired and help you find a rental service for the time you’re without transportation. They can also help you in getting statements from witnesses and taking those first initial steps to pursue your claim.

Finding treatment

Another area in which your Santa Rosa, CA, lawyer will work with you is in referring you to a local chiropractor for injury treatment. They know the local experts for accident injury treatments and can ensure a specialist is chosen based on your unique health issues. Make sure that you follow through with the treatment recommended by your healthcare providers, otherwise, your insurance firm may use suggest your injuries are not as bad as they seem.

Preparing the settlement

Your personal lawyer can help to track your recovery from your injuries and will request bills with information on treatment provided during each stage of the process. The lawyer will use your treatment timeframe to judge when it’s most advantageous to seek a settlement. This will depend on the extent of the injuries and your personal timeframe for recovery.

Receiving your settlement

When your lawyer and the opposing party’s insurance firm have come to an agreement, the settlement will then be paid to you by your legal team. This usually occurs 30 days after your Santa Rosa, CA lawyer presents a figure. Usually, this initial figure is a starting point for negotiations, which may continue for several weeks after this point.

To discover more about the process of filing a personal injury claim after a motorcycle accident, contact the Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia today.

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